1 kit covers six sq. ft.




     The KOOL DECK REPAIR KIT is a reliable solution for an unexpected problem.  Further, the KOOL DECK REPAIR KIT is specially made for ease of application and storage.
     The KOOL DECK REPAIR KIT is pre-mixed for your convenience, cost-effective because you only buy what you need, and is made with naturally occurring mineral compounds.
     Available colors include: Adobe Buff, Aqua, Aztec Gold, Birch Gray, Coral Peach, Mauve, Rose Pink, Sand Buff, Sedona Tan, Terra Cotta, T-5, and White.  Please visit Mortex.com to view Terra Cotta, T-5, and White colors. 
     You can "click" ONLINE STORE to place an order for any of our products.


Sand Buff

Adobe Buff

Aztec Gold


Birch Gray

Rose Pink

Coral Peach

Sedona Tan
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