Deck Paint

  5 gallon buckets available upon request in "special instructions" box found during the checkout process.  The per gallon price is the same with a 5 gallon bucket.
     Systex Deck Paint is formulated to provide a tough, durable, breathable film for the protection of Kool Decks, previously painted, unpainted, or textured concrete pool decks, patios, sidewalks, and other surfaces.  This product, brought to you by Mortex, will resist the effects of weather, abrasion, and pool chemicals and is available in 10 matching Kool Deck Colors.  Systex Deck paint is the best way to give a Kool Deck or any Pool Deck or other concrete surface a brand new look.
      Systex Deck Paint is tough, abrasion resistant, scrubbable, available in 13 colors, cleans with soap and water, and you can apply two coats in one day, only two hours apart.  We strongly recommend using the Commercial Deck Cleaner before applying the Deck Paint to insure a properly cleaned surface for painting.
     Available colors include Clay, Gold, Grey, Ivory, Peach, Rustic, Tan, and Taupe, Almond, and Malt.
     If using more than one gallon we recommend that you intermix all the paint in a larger bucket before application.  
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1 gallon coats 125 sq. ft.
RECOATS: 1 gallon covers 300 sq. ft.

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